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Universal 4 Light Cowlings

ABS Plastic


Tail Light Holder, fits both truck and trailer regardless of brand. The back is completely smooth, to facilitate assembly. It is made of black ABS plastic but can be painted to fit the crew. Delivered in pairs and without lamps. Pictures in a color other than black are more to give a picture of a painted product. The taillight holder in the picture is painted white.


Material: Black ABS plastic with very good UV protection and high impact resistance. The lamp housing has stainless steel rivet nuts for attaching the lamps.


Supplied in pairs with the following parts: 2 lamp housings 2 rear pieces 16 stainless steel screws M4x35 Dimensions: 550mm x 216mm x 70 mm Adapted for: IZE LED taillights together with IZE Led taillight gasket (not included).

Truckstyle Tail Light Cowlings

SKU: MCT18-0336
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