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Our family-run business


Back in 1958, James and Sarah (Jimmy & Sadie) McCallum started the company McCallum's Caravan Transport. Helping move large caravans between sites and delivering new units across the UK.

Today, the haulage company thrives after three generations of family members running their operations. They currently have a fleet of Scania, Volvo and DAF trucks.

Today, having started in 2016 as a new division, this family-run business McCallum's Custom Truckstyling is very much at the heart of Jimmy & Sadie's Grandson Craig and his wife Suzanne McCallum's plans for the future.


Craig and Suzanne want to pass on this newer division of the McCallum Family legacy on to their own children Emily and Conor.

Offering truck drivers and firms exclusive custom truck parts and styling accessories, McCallum's Custom Truckstyling are here to deliver a high quality service.



"Without the customer, your business is nothing!" 
Craig McCallum

In the beginning...

Still going strong...

Looking to the future...