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The TRSW12275FB LED work lamp from the TRALERT® Onix Series is equipped with the latest RFT (Reflector Facing Technology) lens technology. This technology ensures very efficient light distribution, stray light is not an issue. By placing the LED on the reflector in the opposite direction, a very focused light beam is created, which makes it unnecessary to use heavy LEDs. The Philips LED chips of 1.5 Watt each provide sufficient light output to jointly achieve a light intensity of 2272 lumens. In addition to the RFT technology, this lamp is equipped with a wide voltage range (up to 36 volts) IP68 and a clear PMMA lens.

Pros and cons

  • 2272 lumen RFT lens technology
  • Equipped with Deutsch connector
  • Equipped with Philips LED chips

Supplied as standard

  • Connection manual;
  • Assembly tools.

Advice from TRALERT®

  • Truck & Trailer: Suitable
  • 12v vehicles: Suitable

Tralert Onix Led Worklight

Excluding VAT
  • Number of LEDs:16 x 1.5 Watt Philips LEDs
    Housing material:Aluminium
    Cable length:40cm cable
    Connector:2-PIN Deutsch connector
    Wattage: 24 Watts
    Housing color: Black
    Lens material: PMMA
    Lens color: Transparent
    Protection class: IP68
    Connector:German connector
    Voltage: 9-36v
    128 x 114 x 48.5mm
    Height incl. base
    European type approval
    ECE R10

    Light functions

    Lumen: 2272 Lumens
    Light image: Wide Beam
    Light range:13 lux@ 10m / 0.25 lux@ 76m
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