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This unique Strands cruise light strobe controller takes you to the next level of warning lights!
You can connect the strobe controller to the position light in your headlights or floodlights or connect them to your work lights that use less than 30W or other lights you want to flash. Everything is possible as long as the connected lamp consumes less than 30W. The strobe controller is waterproof and has 12 flash patterns and comes with a 3-year function warranty.

How to connect:
The strobe controller output has 6 channels. You add the red plus cables and the rear negative cable to the lamp and keep them in order. If you are not using all 6 channels, make sure you insulate the cable ends of the unused cables so they cannot short out the PCB. If the lamp is already connected to ground/chassis, you do not need to connect the black wires from the strobe controller, only the positive ones.

For the incoming power you have as always a red and black cable and an extra yellow one. The black and red cable connect to a switch or button in the cab. The yellow one is connected to the red cable to choose between the patterns. It is important to connect the channels in the correct order as you want the correct lights to flash on dynamic/running lights.

- 10-35v
- 6 channels
- maximum 6x 30W (180W)
- 12 flash patterns
- IP68

Strands Cruise Light Strobe Controller

SKU: MCT270490
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