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LEDSON Yellowlook has yellow tinted lamp glass, which gives a nice look in the reflector even in the off position. The lamps give a yellow-white glow and fit the show car as well as the utility car. Suitable for low beam, high beam and fog light.



  • Dipped beam, main beam and fog lamp
  • Light temperature: about 3000K
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Works for cars both with or without Canbus light monitoring
  • Not E-marked.
  • Delivered in pairs
  • UV-shielded so as not to damage your vehicle's headlights


For the Volvo FH4 ​​series 2013 and newer

If a battery update has been made, the charging voltage can amount to over 29V, which  shortens the life of the lamps considerably.

Ledson Yellowlook Bulbs(24V)

Excluding VAT
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