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A clear glass, compact "Hide-Away" (for recessed) LED strobe / flash light. Despite its size, an extremely strong and clear light is obtained. The lamp is R65 approved and can thus be used on public roads, motorways, etc. (does not apply to white). Cable length of 2 meters!

The strobe lamp is mounted in a 25.4 mm hole (1 inch) using the supplied rubber gasket. The rubber seal is first pressed into the hole, after which the lamp is pressed and snapped into place. Mounting depth is 40 mm.

Detailed manual with associated installation instructions included

The light has 16 different flash patterns and the lamps can be divided into 2 different groups so that they flash alternately (eg right / left or upper / lower).


The lights are easily connected as ordinary lamps, with red and black, to the plus and minus respectively:

  • Red = Plus (12V-24V)
  • Black = Minus / Earth
  • Yellow = Synchronization, flash pattern and grouping

Flash pattern
When the yellow cable is connected plus, the light goes to the next flash pattern. Three fast pulses on plus sets the pattern to 1.

The flash light has a built-in memory function, which means that it automatically selects the most recently used flash pattern.

When you connect both red and yellow to plus at the same time, the grouping setting starts. The light flashes once or twice to display the set grouping. You can change the group by connecting the yellow wire to plus. As soon as you turn off the light, it remembers that setting.


  • Diameter (top, incl. Gasket): 36 mm
  • Diameter for hole size: 25.4 mm
  • Total length: 38 mm
  • Mounting depth: 45 mm (incl. Space for cable)
  • Cable length: 2 meters

Ledson Round Strobes

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