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  • Auxiliary high beam headlamp with state-of-the-art optics and impressive LED light pattern for individual style
  • EdgeLight technology intensifies the characteristic outline of the striking LED position light.
  • Immediate response for attention-grabbing headlight flashing
  • Impact-resistant housing made of high-quality thermoplastic material 
  • Sturdy fastening bracket made of zinc-coated sheet steel with wide adjustment range
  • Electronics components qualified according to automotive standard
  • Multi-voltage: suitable for 12 V and 24 V rated voltage
  • High beam with reference figure 25 featuring ECE-type approved position light (ECE-R149 high beam, ECE-R148 position light, ECE-R10 EMC)
  • Weight: 980 g (significantly lower weight than die-cast aluminium housing in comparable size)
  • Particularly energy-efficient and fuel-saving:
    • Power consumption at 12 V: Position light 1.3 W and high beam 8 W
    • Power consumption at 24 V: Position light 2.7 W and high beam 8 W

Hella Jumbo Led Spotlight

Excluding VAT
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