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Introducing you to our Ceramic Shampoo. Our own perfected formula provides you with a powerful and potent product that leaves behind a layer of protection. Our ceramic shampoo creates a hydrophobic layer over your car's paintwork, adding extra protection from dirt, grime and other road residues. We’ve also added a Parma Violet scent, so your car smells as good as it looks. 

All of our perfekt products have been designed to work alongside ceramic coatings, and our ceramic shampoo is no exception. Our shampoo revitalises the current coating, giving it a longer lifespan. A must have for the car enthusiast.  


Directions For Use:  

  • Rinse the vehicle thoroughly  
  • Measure out 100ml of the product into your water bucket  
  • For best results, use a pressure washer to mix in the shampoo and create foam in the bucket.  
  • Using your Autoperfekt wash mitt, glide shampoo across the panels ensuring effective rinsing in your clean water bucket throughout  
  • Rinse shampoo thoroughly off the vehicle

AutoPerfekt Ceramic Shampoo 1L

Excluding VAT
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