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Complete kit for replaing the original white light in the DRL with yellow / amber light. The set consists of 2 boards, one for each side, and heat conductive paste to be used when mounting the boards on the original heat sinks.

The powerful CREE XP-E2 LEDs gives you a great and powerful amber light, that matches the standard side marker lamps.

Replacing them is very easy:

  • Unmount the heat sink on the back of the headlight
  • Disconnect the cable on the board
  • Remove the original print (2 screws)
  • Add some heat conductive paste on the new board.
  • Mount the new board (2 screws)
  • Connect the plug on the board
  • Reassemble the headlight

Amber Drls (MAN 2014-2020)

SKU: MCT240940-AM
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