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Upgrade your Scania to "Next Generation" look with the fiber optic visor lamp LEDSON OptoLine!

Owners of previous and current Scania trucks can now easily upgrade their visor lamp to get a look reminiscent of Scania's latest S model, also called "Next Generation".

Quick & easy change

The actual replacement of the lamp is super easy as one of the goals was that it could be replaced in a few minutes. It is "snap on" and fits directly with the original cable connection in the sun visor on Scania's R / P / G / T models.



  • Available with xenon white or yellow-orange LED
  • E-marked (category 02 A) - applies to the xenon white 
  • DOT SAE P2 17
  • 12 pcs LED
  • IP67 (water / dust safe) 
  • Fits Scania P / G / R / T and 4-series with original cable connection
  • 24 V

Ledson Optoline (New Style) Visor Lights

Excluding VAT
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