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LEDSON LED headlight lamps 11G Xtreme (6000K) for Truck

  11G Xtreme - our strongest LED headlights!
  Specially developed for trucks (24V)



11G Xtreme 24V

The better and further away you see, the more reaction time you get and driving becomes safer for you and your fellow passengers. In addition, it is less strenuous for you when you see the curves and road signs several seconds earlier and with a better sharpness! We are extremely dependent on the light from our headlights, which means that once you experience the power of LED lights, the same feeling occurs as when you change from an older to a newer car (you never want to ever change back)

Do not let the darkness prevail - drive with confidence with our 11G Xtreme! Dual brightness compared to traditional halogen lamps

Ledson H4 Led Conversion Kit(11G Xtreme)

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