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The waterproof light base for the original SCANIA sign, that is placed on the hood. The bright LED strip and the frosted or clear polycarbonate give the sign an awesome neon-background. The LED strip in the sign is potted, and thus IP65

The base can be mounted both back and front, and on the sides, e.g. with the red model on the backside, and white or yellow on the front. The base can also be mounted on the inside of the cabin, where it can also be dimmed using standard LED dimmers.

There is no sign included, so you will have to move the existing, or purchase a separate new sign.

The first models of this light base were produced in acrylic, while the current are cast polycarbonate, that is quite impact resistant compared to the brittle acrylic.

Dual color

This model has 3 wires, a common plus, and a minus for each color. You change colors by moving the minus from one color to the other. You should not have both colors on at the same time.


  • Brown wire plus
  • Green wire minus = Yellow
  • White wire minus = White

Led Scania Badge(White/Amber)

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