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Complete set LED emitters for retrofitting your Volvo FH with amber or warm white DRL, or simply for replacing your emitters if one of the original break. These fit Volvo FH from 2012 and forward. There is in total 20 or 10 LEDs per set with a total output of 2000 Lumen. The output is equivalent with the original.

The emitters are designed as the original with powerful high power LEDs, placed on aluminum PCBs. The aluminum increases the heat transfer to the original heat sinks and ensures maximum life span of the LEDs. The original connectors are used on all emitters, so connecting them is straight-forward.

Each set contains four emitters and a thermal paste for the mounting. There are two emitters for each side. The emitter with 6 LEDs must be mounted in the top and the emitter with 4 LEDs in the bottom. American (only orange) has 2 in orange, as you will reuse the original xenon white.

Notice that the emitters are not e-approved.


Mounting is done in this way:

  • Remove the connectors from the original emitters.
  • Remove the screws that hold the emitters.
  • Remove the emitters from the heat-sinks.
  • Remove and clean the thermal paste / grease, so the surface is completely clean.
  • Add the included thermal paste in a thin even layer, where the emitter is to be placed.
  • Push the new emitter in to the grease and put the screw in again. Tighten slowly.
  • Put the connectors in again.

The emitters were changed in 2015, so it is important your original emitters has the same number of LEDs as the selected model. 2012-2015 has 4 and 6 LEDs, while the 2015+ model has 2 and 3 LEDs. Check your emitters before purchasing!

Drls Volvo 2015-2020

SKU: MCT240786-AM
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