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Complete conversion kit for Scania S and R series with LED headlights from 2016, to replace the cold white LED DRL with yellow/orange light. The bright high power CREE LEDs give you plenty of light, in the right amber / orange indicator color. They are mounted on a aluminium plate like the original, which ensures optimal cooling and extended lifetime on the LEDs.

There are original connectors, so the connection is pure plug&play.

Each set contains two boards, one for right and one for left, as well as heat conductive paste for increased heat transfer. The original are not mounted with paste, but we recommend doing so anyway.

Notice that the emitters are not ECE approved.


It is relatively simple to mound the single color emitters, eg. yellow, where it takes about ½ hour per lamp first time. The Dual Color with strobe requires more in-depth knowledge about how to connect to the trucks existing lighting signals, and recoding of the DRL to low brightness (SPD3: Daytime runing light settings: Without).

Amber DRLs (Scania NewGen)

SKU: MCT240840
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